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Good evening

I wanted to give you this video for a few days now but I have been a little occupied, and then we made a few diner in the living room evenings with a movie, as you have seen on the livecam, so today I finally found the time to make this 45 minute nylon stocking ass fucking video for you.

You can find it clicking hère, my pass open and ready for Pierres huge cock
He waneted to ejacule in my ass, but finally he changed his mind and cum in my mouth ! .

Thursday I’m going to Denmark for a week t take some flashing in te park pics with a photographer for a magasine.
We had planned that Pierres left with me, because last year I already had a lot of ideas for pics and videos in Denmark and I had to take them alone, it’s difficult as selfies, so this year he wanted to come. But his lung muscles are still hating him, since may he have had troubles with that so it’s safer for him to stay at home and get some more rest.

I’m thinking about taking a naked bike ride also with my GoPro recording me, or maybe I can find someone to help me holding the cam and recording me from the back, could be great
If not, I’m going to wait until next year and Pierre is coming with me to help and get a great video.

Tonight we are going to bed early and I think I will give Pierre a little blowjob, stay on the live cams from the bedroom and the streaming cam with sound so you dont miss the action πŸ™‚

Bukkake in the dunes with 50 guys

Here is the second out of 3 videos from my day at the beach where I met a lot of horny balls . In video one I already emptied some of the balls, but they knew we hadn’t fucked yet so when we lay down to relax a little they were waiting around me to continue.
I took Pierres dick in my hand again and started to masturbate him, and less that 2 minuts after there was a lot of people around me watching and touching heir dicks.

beach bukkake

I took some dicks in my hand and masturbated them until the cum all over me. some of them even ejaculated in my hait and shoulder because there wasn’t any free spot in front of me.
Jeg begyndte at lege les Pierres pik igen og i lΓΈbet af 2 minuter var der allerede en masse mennesker omkring os.
I had no idea there were so many people in the dunes, it didn’t look crowdy when we arrived.
The guys were standing around me and I continued to masturbate the dicks and make them cum, but then Pierre almost couldnt recors anymore because everybody was pushing around, so I decided to stop while we still had fun, I stood up and took my stuff and started to walk through the dunes and toward the water.

On the beach we met some very nice englsh gentlemen, laughing and asking me if I had been to the dunes lol

Next day we went back, and imagine who we met there ?
One of the englishmen , he had beed in the dunes all morning waiting for me to come.

So lets see what next happened in the dunes in the third video πŸ™‚

Here is a trailer from the number 2, login to the member section and watch the full version 20 min video .


I have also added an archive from my livecam last week where I invited the neighbor to come fuck with Pierre, the bricklayer and his friend. Her husband also participated, but he is more a cuckold fantasi, so he enjoys watching the other fuck his wife.
You will find the archive in chat, in the right corner there is a list of recordings from my livecams, so those of you who cant be here for the live can watch it later.

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Angel meeting Rocco

Last week my girlfriend Angel went to a erotic fair in Brussel to meet Rocco the most known pornstar in the world. She told me that she wanted to know if Pierre really has a dick almost as big as Rocco.
She told him about Pierre and he told her to come mesure herself after the photo session and the autographs…so she did !
She went to his hotel room and look what happened !
Angel fucking with Rocco

She promised me, to give me some more pics I can share with you in the member gallery, but she already posted some together with a video clip on her blog : ANGEL FUCKING WITH ROCCO and remember o take a cam ticket for a cam2cam on skype with her.

While waiting for Angels pics, I uploaded a new video from a new couple who shared an anal clip with us. I know most of you love anal sex, the anal videos in my gallery are always the most viewed together with the voyeur/flashing so I hink you are going to love this one, and imagine it might be your neighbors fucking and sending me the video.
amateur couple analsex

Have a look in the member gallery and watch the video

gang bang on live cam and swinger evening

Last week Patoche organized a gang bang on live cam from his house, he invited us to join by cams, one on the cross where he attached the girl and punished her in a SM session with his slavegirl
And another one on the bed where the gang bang was going on.
He grabbed some video and I’m setting up a shop for him where he can sell them, because he gots quite a collection now he did this for years with different girls enjoying the organized gang bangs in Paris.
gang bang on live cam
Here is a little video he sent me from last Saturday, I know many of you followed the gang bang on live cam on on my site.
Maybe you want to come to Paris participate next time ? You can contact Patoche on his blog GANG BANG PARIS

Tomorrow evening, Saturday march the 5th, I invited my neighbor for some sex. I know how much she appreciates several cocks for her, so from time to other I try to organize and evening for her.
I invited the bricklayer, because he told me he has a friend who would love to participate in a swinger evening for the first time. So they will come tomorrow night, and then I willl let her take care of Pierres dick also of course, and her husband will be here. He is most of a cuckold voyeur, he enjoys very much watching his wife being fucked by some strangers cocks and he jerks off, or give her his cock to suck a little before he sit down and enjoy the show.


Exhib for the workers

Yesterday we went to our other apartment to have internet installed there.
The guy was already there in the hallway working on some cables, so I went up and changed to a dress with out thong of course…I also brought my crocs so it looked like I cleaned the appartement !
When I came up, the floor was flooded because of the rain and it had entered by the windows !
So when the guy came up I was cleaning the floor and I showed him what happened and he even commented what was wrong with the windows install, so he had the time to look under my dress, I’m sure he saw it, because I had the GoPro recording, take a look at the video here scrolling down the page πŸ™‚

So I called the window man to repair it, he stayed for 2 hours lol, I dont know if it was because I was naked under the dress lol or why it took him sp long time to have a look and put some silicone on the 3 windows lol

Have a look here, envoye this great video for the voyeurs.

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Happy new year 2016

Happy new year everyone πŸ™‚ as you know I’ m on a week holiday but newyearseve I ended up in the emergency because I couldnt breathe because of the humid weather. I’m still at the hospital and I think they will let me go home monday.
In the manehila Pierre has posted a new video on the site for you we made it a week ago where we were out with the streamingcam we eanted to have some outdoor sex for you but too many people at the beaches. We stopped in an industrial area with only trucks driving by and I gave Pierre a blowjob tjroygh the windov of the car before he fucked in doggy in tje car while the streamingcam was sending live to you and tje trucketivers were watching.Enjoy this great video πŸ™‚

Slave visiting today


A slave is comming to visit us this afternoon to make some fetish videos, watch on the livingroomcam and the stream

kisses anette

Eveningupdate :
So this nice slave loooove footfetish and golden shower, here are some pics from the videos this afternoon I hope you follewed us on the streamingcam with sound

esclave soumis

Webcamsex with Ingrid

Hello πŸ™‚
Some new pics from Ingrid when she is on cam on the chat having fun with with a cam2cam with some members. JP will pics her up in the airport beginning of the evening and we will all have dinner at home tonight with the rest of our carnival people Cutechris, Patoche and Fleur
We will be on the webcam chat tonight, come and say hello
Anette and JP