shooting porn on livecam for the voyeurs

shooting porn on livecam is possible here with us, we have a friend who shoots porn here nearby. Normaly they dont let you watch or even less stream live, but this week a couple of pornstars are coming to visit him and we are invited to watch with the cam. Out friend the bricklayer is even going to participate…I dont know about my husband, lets see. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be so exciting watching if for real, and for you following us on the live streaming cam as you were there with us shooting porno on livecam.

The actor is the spanish Thorx from Barcelona who were here in may making the mannequin challenge and the gag bang near the sea with us. This tin he is bringing another girlfriend, I dont know here, but sure she is good looking spanish pornstar, lets look forward to a great surprise.
So get yourself confortable in your sofa or bed and watch the live streaming.
shooting porno on livecam
If your holiday is bringing you here to the sun on thursday, and you would like to participate or just watch, or watch out, hold a cam or whatever, contact me 🙂

They will meet thursday around noon so unless they are late, connect around that time as a real voyeur and wait patiently for the action. Pierre will try to put his new voyeur spy watch with a cam in a corner to grab something to share with you and he will concentrate on holding the livestream…and maybe we can bring the GoPro also and hope not too many people are standing in front of it lol .
Maybe you followed us live yesterday morning when we tested the new spycam watch in a big store. Pierre made some upskirt videos in the stairs and then we finished having sex in a fitting room lol

Here is a short trailer from yesterday in the fitting room.

sexe dans cabine d'essayage
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